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Where required we will carry out a site Survey for all architectural metalwork needs. Whether you are designing an extension, a restoration/renovation, home improvements or a commercial building project, we have the skill and expertise to advise you and make suitable recommendation. A Survey is generally recommended for majority of projects as our surveyors are highly qualified and can provide than much needed experience. Large projects should usually be done by a Registered Architect but small home improvements can be done by Architects, Architectural Technicians or Surveyors, there are no hard and fast rules.

A survey will enable you to consider the project purpose and what you want to achieve, what are your limits and constraints and how these perhaps may change further down the line. Some applications will require you to consult your local planning authority, limitations of the current building/site, plus other structural regulations.

Tell us your requirements?

Once we have established your requirements, Steel Staircase and Metal Balconies will carry out a free site visit. We feel this enables us to provide you with an accurate costing and take an accurate measurement without any obligation.

A member of our team can carry out a site visit in order obtain the complete specifics. Alternatively we can provide you with a budget/initial estimate from drawings, plans or measurements you may have. This is then confirmed upon visit.

You can either phone our offices and speak to our friendly and helpful staff or forward all details via email.