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  • Key Clamp
    Key Clamp
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Key Clamp

Key clamp, scaffold clamps and tube clamps can be used in many environments such as commercial, industrial and domestic. Key Clamp is fast and easy to install and a regulatory compliant solution. Available galvanised or polyester-powder coated for a rust-free, strong and durable finish.

Key Clamp adopts many uses such as frameworks for garage racking or for:

  • Leisure and retail settings
  • Framework connections
  • Handrail on a steep incline and steps and stairs also railways
  • Motorway and tram track safety barriers
  • Playground climbing frames
  • Scaffolding
  • Roof top safety guard railing
  • Sports grounds
  • Wheelchair Access Ramps
  • Car Parks

  • Fast and Hassle Free!

    Our Key Clamp and components supplied do not require welding, eliminating the need for tube bending or threading and welding expertise and equipment on site. This can reduce the time and cost to your project. With less components used we can ensure a fast installation with a smooth finish.